Do you want to be published?

30 Mar

If you’re an aspiring writer, you’re probably asking yourself what are the major differences between a large publishing house and an indie press? Well, two of the major differences are distribution and marketing. A large publishing house has the money to market books on a national level; whereas, an indie press tends to market its products regionally. One of the advantages to working with an indie press is that there is usually more collaboration between the writer and publisher. Instead of being dictated what your book will be, indie presses tend to involve their writers in the publishing and production process. For example, at La Muse Press we value our writers. We want your input. It is a team effort, not a dictatorship. Another incentive to being publish at an indie press is the writer’s royalty rates are typically higher than a large publishing house in lieu of a hefty advance. Also, at an indie press you can contact the editor directly; whereas, in a major publishing house you need a literary agent, which cuts into your royalties, because an agent takes 15% of your revenue. With that said, if you’re an emerging writer who wants a collaborative publishing experience, La Muse Press is your publisher (read our submission guidelines here).   

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