A New Release–Street Magic: Stories and Tales

25 Apr

$12 paperback

La Muse Press has just published its debut book, Street Magic: Stories and Tales (2011). It is a collection of nine stories that are gritty and unusual. Here is the table of contents to whet your appetite:

Testimony: Eve re-tells her version of the events that took place in the Garden of Eden. 

The Watchers: A deceased grandmother narrates her grandson’s tragic love triangle.

The Baltimoreans: A Case Study: A fabricated historical account of segregation in Baltimore.

Elvis: An African-American prophet who hears a voice that foreshadows his death.

Lost and Found: Two African-American girls discover a white baby in the trashcan.

Number Blues: In order to escape Chicago’s Southside, a young woman yearns for her number to hit.

Love Dust: A church girl, who is obsessed with her new neighbor, casts love spells.

Crazy Witchy: Two narratives about an outcast in a small Southern town.

The Inhabitants of a Peculiar Community: A Qualitative Report, July 9, 1975: An adolescent girl chronicles the outrageous behavior of the “characters” in her neighborhood.

Mary B. Banks, the author of Street Magic: Stories and Tales, will read a selection from her book during the MFA student reading held at the University of Baltimore, Student Center, 5th Floor on Friday May 6th at 7:30 pm located on 21 West Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201. She will sell the paperback books for $12 at the event. If you are unable to attend, but would like to order a book, click here.

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