In this e-course, you will learn how to turn your manuscript into a published book. For an entire week, you will receive a jam-packed lesson sent directly to your inbox that explains each stage of the self-publishing process:

Day 1: Editing your Manuscript

Day 2: Typesetting, Design, and Book Production

Day 3: Selecting your Book Price for the Marketplace

Day 4: Purchasing your ISBN, Barcode, and PCIP

Day 5: Registering your Copyright

Day 6: Distributing your Book through E-Retailers and Bookstores

Day 7: Marketing your Book to Excited Readers 


  • Daily bite-sized lessons delivered to your email for an entire week for your convenience and easy access.
  • Each lesson includes three actionable steps for you to implement so you won’t get stuck at analysis paralysis.
  • Helpful links and resources are provided throughout the course to further deepen your understanding of the indie publishing process.
  • A  comprehensive checklist is included to eliminate confusion and boost your confidence as you embark on your journey as a self-published author. 

Go to to enroll today!

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